A long tradition of charitable support by state businesses and foundations sustains Minnesota’s private colleges and universities and allows them to strive for quality far beyond what tuition revenue alone would allow. Last year, as part of that tradition, Minnesota’s businesses and foundations provided more than $31 million in gifts and grants directly to our member institutions or through the Minnesota Private College Fund.

About the Minnesota Private College Fund

The Minnesota Private College Fund (MPCF) has a 69 year history of raising money to provide college students access to a high-quality education. The Fund is a pass-through organization — every dollar raised goes to our 17 member colleges and universities and their students. Since its inception, the Fund has raised nearly $91 million.

The Fund raises money for two purposes:

  • General operating support — the most difficult funding for campuses to raise — but absolutely essential to pay for books, lab equipment, computers, utilities, maintenance, etc.
  • Scholarships to students from low- and middle-income families. Scholarship donors help fund nearly 300 students each year.

Funding is requested from Minnesota foundations and businesses. MPCF does not formally solicit individuals for financial support although gifts are accepted from those wishing to participate. While our member institutions received an additional $33.6 million in gifts and grants directly from Minnesota corporations and foundations, MPCF's donors value the opportunity to efficiently support all 17 schools with a single gift.

Donors to the Fund help launch the lives and careers of educated and talented Minnesota scholars. Supporting our college students produces an informed citizenry and versatile workforce — ensuring a brighter future for our state and its economy.

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The Black Men’s Success Initiative

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